Relief Maps

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Relief Maps


maps that show the relief of the earth’s surface or of the ocean floor. The most common and important relief maps are hypsometric, bathymetric, and geomorphological maps. Besides these there are morphometric maps, which directly show the amount (intensity) and depth of dissection of the terrain as well as the steepness of the slopes. The average width of the elementary drainage basin is usually taken as the index of the amount of dissection of the terrain. The depth of dissection is determined by the average relative elevation of water divides above the level of rivers and lakes.

Less common types are morphographic maps, which show external relief in three dimensions, and physiographic maps, on which relief is indicated by perspective designations in the areas of certain types of terrain. Physiographic maps have been developed most extensively in the United States.


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Lineaments that carried out from shaded relief map with multi-illumination directions (0[degrees], 45[degrees], 90[degrees] and 135[degrees]) most coincided with the drainage pattern of study area-according to the crossing maps between drainage pattern map and both lineament maps (Table 1) mostly resemble a negative system lines in the area, It is clearly to issue that, there is good relationship between these lineaments and drainage pattern system distribution especially with first and second river orders, on the other hand the extracted lineaments of shaded relief image with sun angle of (180[degrees], 225[degrees], 270[degrees], and 315[degrees]) are mostly resemble a positive system lines in the area.
Very few records from 5AW exist today and the reasons behind the creation of the relief maps are unclear.
Most engineers are familiar with the products we were asked to generate--elevation tints, shaded/painted relief maps, high-resolution 'image maps, multispectral image maps, combined-obstacle overlays, lines of communication overlays, hydrology overlays, limited map reproduction, perspective views using high-resolution imagery, threat domes, intervisibility products, and virtual fly-throughs.
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Specifically, this project integrates scattered GIS data sets, creates secondary maps such as draped shaded relief maps and 3-D anaglyph maps, provides the data via the WWW, arid develops an efficient GlS database management system using the WWW-based Active Server Page technology.
Nothing gives you a faster picture of topography than relief maps. Just a glance reveals earthquake faults, river valleys, and mountain ranges in a way that standard topographic maps can't.
It is used to generate contour maps, colour maps, and light source shaded relief maps, or it can be used to model survey or other surface data for import as overlays into the main program in the suite, Downhole Explorer.
PERHAPS IT HAS ceased to exist, or maybe it never did, but it is my firm belief that I once visited and enjoyed the Musee des Plans Reliefs or Museum of Relief Maps -- in spite of its not being listed in that otherwise useful guide Little Known Museums in and around Paris.
Using state-ohe-art computer technology, the world is here revealed continent by continent in fold-out relief maps which look almost 3D.
There are, for example, relief maps detailing the dunes on the beach as well as maps of the fortifications, the defenses, and roads used in the invasion.
The Global Relief and USA Relief Maps modules illustrate plate tectonics, land formations, volcanology, oceanography and more.