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see prisonprison,
place of confinement for the punishment and rehabilitation of criminals. By the end of the 18th cent. imprisonment was the chief mode of punishment for all but capital crimes.
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What does it mean when you dream about jail?

Dreaming about being in jail usually reflects a sense of restriction one feels in one’s outer life, the limiting of one’s creativity. It could also indicate a sense of guilt or self-criticism. Alternatively, the dreamer may need to “put a lock on” certain actions and behavior. Dreaming about being the jailor is similar, though it shifts the focus to our own agency—we are the ones restricting ourselves.


1. A prison.
2. A building or place for the legal detention of persons.


, gaol
a place for the confinement of persons convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or of persons awaiting trial to whom bail is not granted


Dreaming about jail may make you think that you have done something immoral or illegal, or committed an act that merits punishment. You may also have a fear of being trapped emotionally or physically. If you are the jailer, you may have an unconscious desire to exert control over others or in a particular situation. Either way, this dream suggests that you have obstacles in your life that may not be easy to overcome.
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The remand prison had been recently refurbished and was in "good condition", said Fredrik Wallin -- but he could not speak about "individual clients", his statement added.
"When we changed into a remand prison not a lot of thought went into it."
26 -- A petition has been filed in the Court Appeal today morning, on behalf of the three Tamil Political Prisoners, who are languishing in the Anuradhapura Remand Prison, against the transfer of their High Court case from Vavuniya to Anuradhapura High Court.
The bombing caused the escape of prisoners from the remand prison in Khamer district, Abu Shosa'a said, pointing out that a number of them were caught and the pursuit of the others is underway.
Deputy Interior Minister Kursan Asanov confirmed that his brother, Abdykadyr Asanov, head of the remand prison No.
The figures showed BWG has supplied 52,440 bags of Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps to 14 different tuck shops - with the greatest demand at Cloverhill remand prison where 11,520 bags were supplied.
The inmates of the Skopje remand prison say they have been freezing in their cells for days considering the heating is on for only two hours.
"I was thrown into a remand prison where I slept in a room with more than 60 other inmates on a hard stone floor.
He has been charged with lE se-majestE[umlaut], a crime that can carry a 15-year jail sentence in Thailand, and was being held at a remand prison pending further interviews, Boonlert said.
He faces three charges and will next appear on Thursday via a video link from a remand prison.
Defence solicitor Elen Parry, who did not seek bail, said 20-year-old Ashbrook would tender pleas to the charges when he appears before magistrates at Prestatyn on September 5, via video link from the remand prison.
Graham Stow, 41, and brother Andrew, 37, from Milford Haven, remain in remand prison in Faro and it is uncertain when the retrial will be held.