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black cohosh

black cohosh

Good for women. See also Blue Cohosh. The root is most commonly used part and is a good phytoestrogen source used traditionally to balance hormones (lowers ovary production of progesterone) and control hot flashes, PMS, gynecological disorders, menopause, depression, nervous disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, infections, sore throat, bronchitis, stimulates menstrual flow, helps curb diarrhea, cough suppressant, lowers blood pressure, tinnitus (ringing ears). Powerful cardiac stimulant, but has a sedative effect on the nervous system. Often taken together with St. John’s Wort. Do not take during pregnancy. Grows up to 8 ft. with columns of white flowers. Leaves look like baneberry which is poisonous, but baneberry has red shiny berries. Test first, Some women have experienced upset stomach. Avoid if you have breast cancer. May cause headaches, nausea, impaired vision, vertigo, miscarriage.
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Five uncontrolled trials have also reported consistently significant improvements in overall menopausal symptoms compared with baseline after 12-24 weeks of treatment with Remifemin. (24-26,28,29) None of the studies reported separately on the frequency of hot flushes.
John's wort and black cohosh produced by the makers of Remifemin. (33) The KI for the combination product decreased from 31.4 to 18.7 compared with a decrease in the placebo group from 30.3 to 22.3.
Not to be outdone, GlaxoSmithKline has launched RemiFemin Menopause, billed as a uniquely formulated supplement that has been clinically shown to reduce menopause symptoms.
Recently, however, a multicenter, double blind, controlled study was sponsored by Schaper & Briimmer, the German manufacturer of the proprietary formulation Remifemin. In this trial, 152 women with menopausal symptoms were given high- or low-dose black cohosh and followed for 12 weeks (Menopause 5[4]:250, 1998).
Other black cohosh products are available, though none is as thoroughly tested as Remifemin. The suggested dosage is 40 milligrams a day.
Typical Brands: Nature's Resource Black Cohosh, Remifemin, Schiff Menopause Nutritional System.
John's wort and black cohosh made by the makers of Remifemin. (10) The Kupperman index for the combination product decreased from 31.4 to 18.7 compared with a decrease in the placebo group from 30.3 to 22.3.
Smithkline's Remifemin product contains this herb and the company has physician access through its pharmaceutical sales force to educate the medical community about their product as an alternative to HRT.
A standardized black cohosh extract (Remifemin [TM]) was developed in Germany, and it is almost exclusively this product that h as been studied both in animals and short-term clinical trials of menopausal women.
"We will be developing and launching such new brands as Remifemin for menopause and Abreva for cold sores--categories where there are clear consumer needs--as well as working with established brands like Turns, Aquafresh, Citrucel and Nicorette to introduce meaningful new SKUs that will generate new users within core over-the-counter categories."
The extract is available over the counter in this country as Remifemin, said Dr.
Maker of Remifemin, leading European menopausal remedy.