Remote Desktop Protocol

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Remote Desktop Protocol

(RDP) A Microsoft protocol that provides remote display and input for Windows.

RDP's video driver renders display output by sending packets to the client which translates them into corresponding Microsoft Win32 graphics device interface API calls. Client mouse and keyboard events are redirected from the client to virtual keyboard and mouse drivers on the server.

RDP 4.0 was introduced with Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. Windows 2000 Terminal Services included RDP 5.0. The Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC), an RDP client based on an ActiveX control, also supports RDP 5.0. RDP 5.0 provides enhanced performance over low-speed connections. Windows XP uses RDP 5.1 and includes Remote Desktop Web Connection, which is an updated version of the TSAC.

RDP extends the ITU T.120 protocols, allowing separate virtual channels for device communication and presentation data from the server, as well as encrypted mouse and keyboard data.

Compare: VNC.


Remote Desktop Protocol

The protocol used in Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services thin client architecture. See Remote Desktop Services.
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VDX extends the user workspace through independent computing architecture (ICA) and remote desktop protocol (RDP) virtual channels.
a leader in finger-based biometric identification solutions, has announced the expansion of its biometric identity solutions to include support for Windows Terminal Services Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix ICA Client platforms and for Wyse CE terminals.
Microsoft has its own alternative - the RDP Remote Desktop Protocol - which it's been talking about since at least 1997.
HOBLink JWT is a Java-based Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client which provides platform-independent remote access to applications.
2) Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP): Image transmission protocol from Microsoft
In theory, Microsoft's RDP Remote Desktop Protocol could replace Citrix's ICA protocol in Windows 2000, but in reality users appear happy enough to stay with Citrix, which is currently boosting up the capabilities of ICA from a simple protocol into what it styles as "a fully fledged computing architecture.
The software uses authentication data, for example, from Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client or Citrix Web Interface, for any subsequent logon attempts.
Monitoring in Remote Desktop Protocol, Fast User Switching and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments;
In addition, Microsoft's latest embedded operating system, Windows Embedded Standard with Remote Desktop Protocol 6.
The new pieces are PC support via Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for load balancing and peripheral, full audio and local printer support in the desktop support modules, which is called ThinPath Plus.
Aqua Connect was the first company to license Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for OS X Server in 2008.
SP1 includes support for monitoring in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Fast User Switching and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Environments.

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