Remote Desktop Protocol

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Remote Desktop Protocol

(RDP) A Microsoft protocol that provides remote display and input for Windows.

RDP's video driver renders display output by sending packets to the client which translates them into corresponding Microsoft Win32 graphics device interface API calls. Client mouse and keyboard events are redirected from the client to virtual keyboard and mouse drivers on the server.

RDP 4.0 was introduced with Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. Windows 2000 Terminal Services included RDP 5.0. The Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC), an RDP client based on an ActiveX control, also supports RDP 5.0. RDP 5.0 provides enhanced performance over low-speed connections. Windows XP uses RDP 5.1 and includes Remote Desktop Web Connection, which is an updated version of the TSAC.

RDP extends the ITU T.120 protocols, allowing separate virtual channels for device communication and presentation data from the server, as well as encrypted mouse and keyboard data.

Compare: VNC.

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Remote Desktop Protocol

The protocol used in Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services thin client architecture. See Remote Desktop Services.
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Ericom Blaze accelerates and compresses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) into a fast, responsive and extremely efficient protocol that dramatically reduces bandwidth consumption and optimizes network traffic across the WAN/LAN, resulting in 10 to 25 times faster connections and a superior end-user experience.
In addition to the Microsoft protocols RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol from Microsoft) and TCP/IP, it also supports the ICA protocol from Citrix making it ideally suited for use in virtual desktop environments based on Citrix XenDesktop.
The company said that the App uses a highly optimised Wyse implementation of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 to connect and communicate with a virtual or physical machine.
Intended for Windows administrators, this guide to planning a server- based computing solution running Windows Terminal Services explains the remote desktop protocol (RDP), the independent computing, architecture (ICA), service pack and hotfix deployments, licensing, configuration tasks, group policies, user profiles, and application integration.
Popular solutions providing remote KVM functionality include virtual network computing (VNC) and remote desktop protocol (RDP), applications that run on the operating systems (OS) of the client or host server and the target server.
In place of the hard drive is am 512MB solid flash storage device that stores only the Windows XP embedded operating system and essential applications, which include Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and EverNote ritePen handwriting recognition software, among others.
These network-based KVM products, the newest appliances within the Cyclades AlterPath System for remote IT administration, stand apart as the industry's first KVM solution to offer Cyclades AdaptiveKVM technology (patent pending) that combines the widely used Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality with KVM over IP access.
Includes native integration of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol to extend Microsoft Remote Desktop's capability allowing you to remote control Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2000/2003 machines over the Internet and through firewalls with no configuration.
Once the incoming request is terminated (the 'termination gap"), the appliance processes and translates the data to the appropriate backend application protocol such as: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Windows applications residing on Windows Terminal Servers X.11 over SSH for UNIX or Linux applications 3270 over Telnet for mainframe and AS/400 applications HTTP/HTTPS for Web servers
The JNC205 supports the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and Remote Desktop Protocol display protocols, which allow the device to operate as if Windows-based application programs were running locally.

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