Remote Input

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Remote Input


the automatic supply to a calculating and problem-solving system (computer) of data received from a remote object (source) and transmitted over a communications channel. The data sources may be various sensing devices, computing units, or automatic control and monitoring devices. Before being fed into the communications channel the data are coded—that is, they are converted into signals that are convenient for transmission. At the input of the computing unit the signals received are automatically decoded.

Remote data input can be performed either as the data arrive or with preliminary accumulation and storage. If the data are being fed from several sources, a parallel or cyclical remote input system is used. In a parallel system each source has an autonomous channel for simultaneous and independent remote data input, but this system is complex and requires large equipment expenditures. With a cyclical system the communications channels are connected in turn to one general input circuit by a switching device.


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For easy programming, the sensors are equipped high-visibility status LEDs, an electronic push-button and remote input teach.
High-visibility status LEDs, electronic push-button, and remote input teach make it easy to program the sensors.
In the Garmin G500 versus G600 article, July 2012 Aviation Consumer, we included the L-3 WX500 as an available remote input. Garmin tells us the interface won't work yet, but it will with a future software release, expected later next year.
Remote input capabilities also permit direct input from other devices, such as scales and PLCs.
With the addition of the network module, the LEC becomes truly full-featured by offering security options, remote input, alarm output, and Husky soft ware including Gammavision, Mold Doctor, and Field Calibrator (with a customer-supplied laptop or personal computer).
The unit includes remote input terminals for connection to an exit button.
Additional optional features include 24VDV/24VAC input power, events/alarm outputs, heater break alarms, remote input, analog output, external input control and computer interfaces.
The Netris 3000 peripherals include an advanced Stellar Remote Control Unit that includes a built-in mouse with ergonomic cursor control or an Internet Remote Input Device.
You can now plug the RJ switch as is" into the REMOTE input of many tape recorders.
The many output and remote input options permit highly flexible possibilities for process systems designers.

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