Remote Job Entry

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Remote Job Entry

(operating system)
(RJE) A system, widely used in the mid/late 1960s, for submitting jobs to mainframes like the IBM 360 under OS/MFT. Communication with the computer operator was via the keyboard and later via CRTs.
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(Remote Job Entry) Transmitting batches of transactions from a remote terminal or computer. The receiving computer processes the data and may transmit the results back to the RJE site for printing. RJE hardware at remote sites can employ teleprinters with disk or tape storage or complete computer systems.
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The interactive SNA product joins HP SNA Network Remote Job Entry network-services software for batch SNA communications, and HP SNA Link to complete the family of SNA products for the HP 3000.
Included are programs for work-order processing, fixture staging, load/unload staging, parts routing, vehicle traffic management, remote job entry, and batch scheduling.

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