Remote Signaling

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Remote Signaling


(Russian, telesignalizatsiia), the reporting, over a distance and through telemechanic means, of information on the status of a monitored system (see). The English term “remote control,” in its broadest sense, is similar in meaning to the term “telemechanics” used here; the term “remote control” is used below in a narrower sense (see).

Remote signaling is the branch of telemechanics that deals with the transmission, over a distance, of discrete information on the state, or condition, of a monitored system (for example, open-closed or on-off) and with the presentation of the information in a form suitable for direct perception by the operator, for input into a control device, or for automatic recording. Remote signaling is used to carry out expeditious monitoring of switching operations at the monitored point and of the execution of the operator’s commands and to inform the operator if the values of the monitored parameters go beyond the permissible limits or if an emergency situation occurs in the monitored system. Often remote signaling is combined with remote control.

Remote-signaling means are sometimes used to transmit discrete measurement information, such as the number of articles produced, the number of loaded cars sent off, or the number of generators in operation. Remote signaling provides the operator with basic data needed to make control decisions and to initiate control actions. Signaling information can be transmitted by a combined remote-control and remote-signaling system, by a combined telemetering and remote-signaling system, or by a more complex telemechanic system.


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Demand for zinc--air batteries in the remote signaling & communication sector is also rising.
Remote signaling sets, which are available as an option, monitor up to 40 protection modules.
TB Analytics tools - such as test call generation, targeted call recording and live remote signaling capture - to provide network diagnostic capabilities that are unique to TelcoBridges, and improve customer satisfactions;
Then it activates the remote signaling device to let you know its time to pop in a fresh filter.
The Model 9043 Rack includes a Power/Control module that accepts customer supplied power and remote signaling. The Model 9043 rack also includes a Power/Control Bus Cable to interconnect all the switch modules in that rack.
A built-in LED display and a 4mA to 20 mA output provide both local indication and remote signaling.
A built-in LED display and a 4-20mA output provide both local indication and remote signaling. The transmitters are ideal for measuring fluid levels in tanks, water towers and across differential pressures membranes in water purification systems.
It is available in various configurations to include auto or manual (safe start) power-up modes and can be configured with optional outputs for remote signaling and PLC interface.

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