removable drive

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removable drive

(1) See USB drive.

(2) A device that spins, reads and writes a removable storage medium such as a CD, DVD or floppy disk. In the past, hard disks were also available as removable media (see removable disk). The recording medium may be bare or encased in a cartridge, which is inserted into the drive's slot.

(3) A magnetic tape drive, all of which use removable cartridges or cassettes. See magnetic tape.
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It spreads through removable media devices making use of LNK files.
Users can block/allow removable media, based on the type of media, manufacturer, size and other attributes.
Removable Media Control is another new tool aimed to secure users from viruses and malware that spread though removable media affecting computers without the need for internet access.
Although removable media and local networks are still the primary method for spreading malware in the region, there is an increase in the use of drive-by downloads which exploit vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins.
The new MacBook Air comes without a removable media drive, much to the dismay of even the most loyal Mac lovers.
This demonstrates once again that infected removable media are a major source of infection.
The ban covered all forms of USB flash media, such as thumb drives, memory sticks, memory cards, and camera memory cards, as well as other removable media.
Near term DR: Replication enabled by deduplication lets users with multiple sites replace removable media with remote replication for DR.
* Local removable media drive (e.g., Jaz, Zip, LS12O, Orb)
Image files can be stored to a separate drive partition, on a Jaz or Zip disk; secondary hard drive; other removable media device; or directly to an IDE, SCSI, or ATAPI CD-R or CD-RW drive.
This should be done on some type of removable media that someone takes home with them periodically, ideally every night.
Pointsec for Pocket PC 2.0 is a security application for Windows Mobile-based personal digital assistants which can encrypt all data on the device, as well as securing data stored on removable media.

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