Remy de Gourmont

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Gourmont, Remy de


Born Apr. 4, 1858, at Bazoches-en-Houlme, Orne Department; died Sept. 17, 1915, in Paris. French writer. Descendant of an aristocratic family.

Gourmont published his collection of verse Eruption of the Volcano in 1882. His critical studies of contemporary writers are collected in The Book of Masks (1896–98; Russian translation, 1913). In the preface Gourmont expounded his ideas on symbolism: its basic principles were extreme subjectivism and scorn for any representation of social phenomena in literature. In such works as The Culture of Ideas (1900) and The Problem of Style (1902) he took up questions of aesthetics, style, and language from the point of view of “art for art’s sake.” His book Windstorm (published in 1916) condemned the imperialist war of 1914–18.


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