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Pain severity was evaluated in each participant, using the visual analog scale (VAS) and renal colic symptom score (RCSS), immediately before administering medications and after 30 min (Figure 1).
Anna Holdgate and Tamara Pollock reviewed 20 studies that evaluated NSAIDs and narcotics for acute renal colic. They concluded that patients treated with NSAIDs had greater pain relief with less vomiting than did patients treated with narcotics.
A prospective study of 3241 patients treated with ESWL reported 4075 common complications, including renal colic (40%), gross hematuria (32%), steinstrasse (24.2%), symptomatic bacteriuria (9.7%), and perirenal hematoma or subclinical subcapsular haematoma (4.6%).
Mimics of renal colic: Alternative diagnoses at unenhanced helical CT.
During the first visit, the patient was diagnosed to have renal colic. X-ray KUB did not show any renal stone.
This is useful in cases of severe right-sided renal colic. It may be associated with haematuria, dysuria, oliguria, nocturnal urinary incontinence, distension and pain in the bladder, flatulence, urethral pain extending to the abdomen, and the passage of small calculi.
Our study aimed to determine whether unilateral, obstructing ureteric calculi identified on computed tomography (CT) at the time of renal colic presentation in the ED, independent of other factors, was associated with an increased likelihood of urological intervention.
had four episodes of left renal colic, which were notable for creatinine increasing from normal values to 4.0 to 8.0 mg/dL.
Early complications (up to 14 days after procedure) included the following: fever, pain of the renal colic type, microscopic or macroscopic hematuria, and urinary tract infection.
When one escapes into the urethra which connects the kidney to the bladder the resulting pain, renal colic, is absolutely agonising.
A comparison of the efficacy and safety of morphine and pethidine as analgesia for suspected renal colic in the emergency setting.
Messi was diagnosed Thursday morning with renal colic, a type of abdominal pain commonly attributed to kidney stones.