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A proteolytic enzyme produced in the afferent glomerular arteriole which reacts with the plasma component hypertensinogen to produce angiotensin II.
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a proteolytic enzyme in vertebrates and humans. It is produced by specialized cells in the arteriole walls of renal glomeruli, from where it passes into the blood and lymph. Renin is one of the enzymes in the renin-angiotensin system. It acts on the specific glycoprotein angiotensinogen by breaking the bond between two leucine radicals. The resultant inactive decapeptide (angiotensin I) is enzymatically converted into the active hormone angiotensin II (hypertensin, or angiotonin). Enzymes resembling renin are found in the uterus, placenta, salivary glands, brain, and the walls of certain major arteries.

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The body regulates blood pressure using a variety of compounds, including renin, by changing the diameter of blood vessels.
Due to its effects on the renin feedback system, it cannot be used with an ACE inhibitor or an ARB.
Renin cleaves angiotensin I (AI) from angiotensinogen that is produced mainly by the liver.
Conclusion: Primary hyperaldosteronism as compared to other renin angiotensin aldosterone system disorders was found to be the leading cause of hypertension in young population.
Briefly, experimental studies have shown elevated production of renin and angiotensin II in vitamin D receptor (VDR) knockout mice, leading to hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy [4,5].
Blacks were much more likely to have a low plasma renin, which at the time was attributed to primary aldosteronism, mostly due to bilateral adrenocortical hyperplasia (plasma aldosterone levels were then not available; therefore, the Liddle phenotype was unrecognised in that clinic population).
Some factors which may affect the accuracy of the forward-looking statements apply generally to the industries in which the Company operates, including the resort development and vacation ownership industries in which Bluegreen operates, the development, operation, management and investment in residential and commercial real estate, the home improvement industry in which Renin operates, and the sugar and confectionery industry in which IT'SUGAR operates, as well as the pizza franchise and fast-casual restaurant industry in which the Company is a franchisee of MOD Pizza restaurants.
The cause of both conditions is suggested to be the compression of the renal parenchyma by subcapsular collection, which results in increased erythropoietin and renin secretion due to ischaemic kidney (page kidney).
Keywords: Neonatal Bartter syndrome, serum renin, serum aldosterone, polyhydramnios
Primary aldosteronism is characterized by autonomous production of aldosterone by the adrenal glands along with suppressed renin production by the renal juxtaglomerular apparatus.