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rent control,

in economics and law, government regulation of rent to prevent unreasonable or excessive increases. In the United States, the federal government imposed rent control (and other price controls) during World War II, and continued it in several cities after the war because of housing shortages. It was later turned over to the control of individual states and municipalities and has since ended in most locations.
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42 and also sets the maximum allowable area median gross income (AMGI) for the determination of income and rent restrictions.
Yousaf Rajput President of Traders Welfare Association Blue Area Islamabad, Muhammad Hussain, General Secretary of Traders Welfare Association, Super Market, Islamabad, Raja Abdul Majeed and Amin Pirzada said with the consensus of all stakeholders an amended bill of rent restriction law for Islamabad was prepared that was presented in the National Assembly by MNAs Mian Abdul Manan and Asad Umar a long time ago.
Housing societies have been established in Zone IV and V, which do not come under the ambit of the Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance, 2001.
Rana Shamim Ahmed Khan presented nine reports, related to the Ministry of Interior, including a report to further to amend the Islamabad Rent Restriction ordinance, 2001 [The Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment ) Bill, 2014.
The demonstration led directly to his introduction of the Rent Restriction Act, the first law of its kind in Europe, freezing rents at pre–war levels.
The Civil Servants Amendment Bill, moved by Khalida Mansoor; the Islamabad Rent Restriction Bill, moved by Mian Abdul Mannan; The Election Laws Amendment Bill, moved by Dr.
She vowed to play her role for enactment of a balanced Rent Restriction Act in Islamabad.
The House referred yet another private Bill of Mian Abdul Mannan to relevant standing committee a Bill The Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment) Bill, 2014.
She pledged that she would play her role in enacting a balanced Rent Restriction Act for Islamabad.
Regarding the solution of rental law controversy in Islamabad, he said rent restriction act is in Parliament and for its passage, ICCI should meet the representatives of all the political parties as PPP is not in majority.
The committee also discussed Islamabad Rent Restriction (amendment) bill, 2010.
Islamabad, October 27, 2010 (Frontier Star) : Syed Adil Anis Vice President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that business community of Islamabad thanked the Federal Cabinet for approving Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment) Bill 2010, for which the business community has been doing great efforts for a long time.