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rent control,

in economics and law, government regulation of rent to prevent unreasonable or excessive increases. In the United States, the federal government imposed rent control (and other price controls) during World War II, and continued it in several cities after the war because of housing shortages. It was later turned over to the control of individual states and municipalities and has since ended in most locations.
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* The current housing benefit scheme is calculated on 100% of the tenant's rent (subject to the rent ceiling), while most other housing allowances are based on a proportion of their rent.
The government has increased the house rent ceiling by 50 percent of all grade officers, but this is a peanut as compared to SOPA, the official complained.
He said housing was a serious problem for government employees in major cities and hence house rent ceiling was being increased by 50 percent.
The minister said that construction of flats were being increased on one side and increase in house rent ceiling was also made to minimize their accommodation problems.
Existing housing stock should be disposed off as and when these are beyond repairs and with the sale proceeds a separate fund be created over the years out of which houses rent ceiling be paid, he added.
The minister said that it was a big achievement of the government to enhance house rent ceiling of the FG employees and added that soon it will be increased.
The company stuck to its 2019 guidance but said that if the reported plans for the rent ceiling were to become part of the final law, it may see a one-off rental income reduction for its Berlin portfolio of about 20 million to 25 million euros.
When rent ceilings limit supply and turnover, landlords are less motivated to ; maintain properties in order to attract new tenants.
But with continued new supply coming online, concerns about rent ceilings and the general unpredictable nature of the economy, it serves every asset manager and high level apartment professional to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
So Ryan Bourne's chapter, "The Flaws in Rent Ceilings," will be of interest here as well as in Europe, where such laws are more common.
Civitas said that exceptions to rent ceilings could be made in cases where a property has genuinely been improved.
ceilings to be introduced to tackle an "affordability cricost Civitas' proposals for rent ceilings to be introduced to tackle an "affordability crisis" were welcomed by Plaid Cymru.