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A group of ribonucleic acid-containing animal viruses, including agents of encephalitis and phlebotomus fever.
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a group of RNA viruses isolated from man, mammals, and birds. The virus particle is 60-90 nanometers in diameter. The outer membrane (capsid), which protects the inner capsid with double-stranded ribonucleic acid, consists of protein subunits (capsomers).

Reoviruses contain the enzyme RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. They multiply in cytoplasm. Since the pathogenicity of reoviruses for man and animals has not been consistently demonstrated, the viruses are viewed as potentially pathogenic. The reoviruses also include the viruses of rice dwarf, of wound plant tumors, and of cytoplasmic polyhedral disease of insects.

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The aim of this research was to determine the presence of serological chicken anemia virus, reovirus and gumboro, and it's correlation between them as well as to determine the level of anemia in the evaluated birds.
Lee's enthusiasm is reserved for the reovirus, which targets the ras pathway even without modification
According to the study published in Science, the researchers found that depending on the genetic makeup of a strain of reovirus, it caused an inflammatory immune response and gluten intolerance in mice.
Oncolytics' clinical program includes a variety of later-stage, randomized human trials in various indications using Reolysin, its proprietary formulation of the human reovirus.
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Viruses in the Reoviridae family containing dsRNA, including the prototype human reovirus, contain RNA polymerase, which conservatively copy the plus strands in duplex genomic RNAs to produce viral mRNAs.
Good hygiene in the nest, possibly vaccination against reovirus infection, particularly of parent birds, good management, low stress and prevention of immune suppression from any cause will all tend to help.
The product is the company's proprietary isolate of the reovirus, and its primary mode of activity is to infect and selectively target tumours with activating Ras pathway mutations and/or over-expressions of Ras pathway elements including, amongst others, EGFR, BRAF, and KRAS.
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Los VE comunmente asociados con enfermedad en humanos pertenecen a las familias Adenoviridae (Adenovirus), Caliciviridae (Norovirus, Sapovirus), Picornaviridae (Enterovirus, virus hepatitis A y Echovirus), Reoviridae (Reovirus y Rotavirus), y Astroviridae (Astrovirus).
Common avian viruses such as astrovirus, reovirus, and rotavirus were confirmed.