Repair Train

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Repair Train


a railroad train designed to repair damages caused by collisions and derailments, as well as to repair the track and electric-power network after natural disasters and to render first aid to injured persons.

Repair trains are assigned to major locomotive depots and are subdivided into two groups depending on the capacity of their equipment. In the USSR repair trains of the first group are equipped with cranes that have a lifting capacity of 60 tons or higher; those of the second group have cranes with a capacity of up to 50 tons. The equipment of a repair train includes multiton hydraulic jacks, tow cars with winches, tractors with bulldozers, motor vehicles, garage cars, flatcars with rails and ties, a car with an electric power plant and searchlight unit, a storage car with tools and materials, passenger cars with power packs, and hospital cars. Repair trains are equipped with fire-fighting apparatus, lifting and transporting accessories, tools for cutting and welding metal, and so on. A repair train is on 24-hour alert; from the moment of a call it proceeds nonstop to its destination, ahead of all other trains.


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9.21am: A line repair train appears on the other line..and stops outside the carriage window.
Commuters suffered early morning Metro misery yesterday (thurs) when a repair train broke down.
Merseyrail technicians are continuing to work round the clock to repair train wheels which have suffered from the unusual wear but this process will take some time.
A spokesman added: "Our wheel lathe in Canton depot is working round the clock to repair trains so as soon as they are repaired they are back into service.
The trains will once again serve as repair trains, providing traction when heavy snow and ice sets in along the mountainous Engadin tracks.
He said MBCR has started working 24 hours a day to repair trains and equipment.
Our engineers have been working flat out to repair trains and when trains became available to return to service, we ran these as additional services on the Southport-Hunts Cross and Ormskirk line so that these lines operated at near normal levels from last Thursday onwards.
But bosses say staff at owner Nexus and DB Regio, which operates the service, worked hard to clear platforms, lay grit and repair trains which broke down due to the freezing weather, to keep things moving.
It claimed its engineers were working "flat out" to repair trains but roughly 20% remained faulty, leaving a number of routes with services running every half-hour rather 15 minutes.
27 Kyodo Two repair trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line collided and derailed in Kobe's Nishi Ward before dawn Monday, delaying the start of train services between Shin Osaka and Himeji for two hours, West Japan Railway Co.