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(1) The return of emigrants to their country of origin with the restoration of citizenship. Repatriation of emigrants is provided for, for example, by an ukase issued on Oct. 19, 1946, by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, which states that persons of Armenian nationality returning from abroad to their homeland in Soviet Armenia are recognized as citizens of the USSR from the moment of their arrival in the USSR.

(2) The return to the homeland of prisoners of war and civilians who find themselves outside their country as a result of military actions. According to Article 109 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 on the treatment of prisoners of war during periods of armed conflict, belligerent countries must return to the homeland severely ill or wounded prisoners of war, regardless of their rank or numbers, as soon as they are fit to travel.

After cessation of military operations, the belligerent countries are obligated to repatriate unconditionally prisoners of war. Those not subject to repatriation include persons who are severely ill and persons who have committed crimes or are serving terms in accordance with a previous court sentence.

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'In the case of Libya, it is about our repatriation efforts during the past three months,' he added.
'In 2016, along with other reasons, the increase of repatriation grant from $200 to $400 was a major factor of mass repatriation as over 381,000 registered refugees returned to their country.
'In 2016 along with other reasons, the increase of repatriation grant from 200 to 400 dollar was a major factor of mass repatriation as over 381,000 registered refugees returned to their country.
China witnessed a steep fall in repatriation of profits, which declined by 59.47pc to $59.2m during the period under review, from $146.1m in corresponding months last year.
"Philippine embassy in Libya visited Filipino nurses at the Oil Clinic in Tripoli to tell them about our repatriation offer.
Bello III issued the statement after getting unofficial reports the DFA raised the crisis alert level for Libya from 2 or restriction phase to Level 3 or the voluntary repatriation phase.
Around 4.4 million Afghan refugees have returned to Afghanistan under the UNHCR-facilitated voluntary repatriation programme since 2002.
"We also welcome the new welfare scheme announced for the Non-Resident Keralites," said a statement issued by the forum's leaders, including Ashraf Thamarassery, a well-known social worker who has helped repatriation of thousands of bodies.
He wondered how he would face them if his government did not ensure repatriation of Dr Aafia.
The repatriation of profits and dividends by multinational companies in Pakistan to their homeland has dropped significantly mainly due to massive depreciation of the rupee, according to experts.
(TAP) -- The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) called for reviewing bilateral conventions with the European states undertaking massive repatriation operations.
International Monetary Fund (IMF) - CC Wikimedia WASHINGTON - 6 December 2018: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lauded the decision by the Central Bank of Egypt terminating the foreign investors funds Repatriation Mechanism as vital for the economic reform program.