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Repertory Theater


a type of theater that has existed in England since the late 19th century. It has a permanent repertoire, thus differing from theaters that present a single play as long as it remains a box-office success. The first repertory theaters were the Shakespeare Memorial Theater in Stratford-on-Avon (opened in 1879) and the Independent Theater (1891–97), the Old Vic Theater (a repertory theater from 1912 to 1963), and the Court Theater (1904–07) in London.

In the 1960’s, there were more than 100 repertory theaters in Great Britain. Most of them arose in the provinces after World War II. Other repertory companies have no permanent base and are touring companies. Similar to repertory theaters are theaters founded by clubs; the most important is the Unity Theater, founded in 1937 and located in a working-class district of London. Other such theaters are in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool, Coventry, and London and include the Theater Workshop, the English Stage Company, and the Mermaid Theater.

Efforts to establish a state-endowed repertory theater resulted in the founding of the National Theater (1963), which is housed in the former Old Vic Theater. The Covent Garden Theater and the Royal Ballet are considered to be repertory theaters. Repertory theaters also exist in the USA, Italy, Ireland, and Australia.


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As always, the Repertory artists gave magnificent performances, from Miguel Faustmann, who really seemed like Scrooge in the flesh to the young boy Gabo Tiongson, who acted and sang so impressively as Tiny Tim.
Some repertory workshops offer the thrilling opportunity to work directly with a choreographer or company director.
Hahnemann's 1817 hand-written unpublished Symptomenlexicon was the first repertory. Written for his own use only, it was an index of the contents of Materia Medica Pura and The Chronic Diseases, and represented the simple language of the participants of his provings from the early 1800s.
The repertory was formed in 2010 with the initiative of former West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee who was known to be a cultural connoisseur.
Merrimack Repertory Theatre artistic director Charles Towers has said the ultimate intent would be to find a permanent home in Worcester - ideally seating 400 to 450 people - with productions of each play in the MRT season taking place in Lowell and Worcester.
Indeed, the repertory approach can be used as a means of struggling against the biggest critical bias of them all: the tendency to devote disproportionate attention to the single dramatist, Shakespeare.
"The historic Old Rep was the original home of Birmingham Repertory Theatre," she said.
Associate professor Jenifer Craig, the UO Repertory Dance Company co-artistic director, will revisit a work premiered in 1990 called "Breadlines and Dreams."
His first task is to define the instrumental consort repertory and its context of sources.
Founded in 1979, the North Carolina Repertory Company is the first black professional theatre company in North Carolina, and it is also the host of the internationally acclaimed National Black Theatre Festival.
ASCAP is a performing rights organization representing the world's largest repertory totaling over eight million copyrighted musical works of every style and genre from more than 225,000 composers, lyricists and music publishers.
Finn in the Underworld * (Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, Calif.) Out playwright Jordan Harrison's sophisticated, witty storytelling bends both space and time in this drama about the family secrets within a spooky old house.

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