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(in Russian, korrespondentsiia), a journalistic genre, the subject of which is a concrete social situation (a “slice of life”), limited in time and place. There are two basic forms of reportage: informational and analytic. Analytic reportage considers the totality of socially meaningful facts from the perspective of class-party interests and draws conclusions having important practical significance. Reportage is characterized by a stable unity of content and form, ensuring its journalistic effectiveness. It is one of the most common genres in the Soviet general political press; urgent production and economic questions are its main theme.



a type of journalism that provides a readable and vivid account, with all essential details, of an eyewitness event or one in which the author has taken part.

The manner of presenting reportage depends on the means of mass media—press, radio, or television—for which the material is intended. Press reportage, usually in newspapers, may center on events or may be thematic, describing events unified by a single theme but occurring at different times. It is usually illustrated with photographs taken at the scene of the events; features illustrated with photographs are also in wide use. Reportage on the radio always follows a chronological sequence of events and uses vivid language to present the events realistically. Reportage on television often becomes a commentary on the event being depicted.

In Marxist journalism, reportage truthfully informs the public about the most important and interesting current sociopolitical, economic, and cultural events.

Reactionary bourgeois reportage, especially that of “yellow journalism,” usually describes scandals and sensational events in order to divert the attention of workers from acute social and political problems.

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En outre, dans un reportage Tv, le sens et son recepteur[beaucoup plus grand que] sont assignes d'emblee a residence; l'esprit critique est annule par l'impact [beaucoup moins que]travaille[beaucoup plus grand que] des images (le zoom sur les larmes des victimes) et leur montage cut.
The winning gold photograph by Ioan Said in the wedding reportage category
But great reportage is not measured by movie adaptations, but its ability to be so absorbing that the voice of the narrator disappears and the story seems to tell itself.
Aref Ismaeil Al Khoori, Chairman of Sama Emirates Holding Group and Reportage Real Estate, said: Reportages aim is to be the market leader in its segment, developing and delivering property in Abu Dhabi that offers an outstanding value proposition, not only in terms of its quality and on-time delivery but also with regards to quality of living, community building and the promotion of environmental sustainability.
The reportage project seeks to enhance students' knowledge on visual storytelling, story pitching and planning for a successful news story, which covers all angles.
As detailed in the next section, El Universal, as well as another national newspaper under new ownership, Excelsior, had more recently begun to experiment with a blended model that mixed aspects of the reportage model with a spot news core.
Before his demise, Vu Trong Phung managed to produce a remarkable body of work that included "at least eight novels, seven plays, five booklength works of non-fiction reportage, several dozen short stories, articles and editorials" (Zinoman 2002, cited by Malarney, p.
The reportage praised the role of the Kuwaiti embassy in Sarajevo in enhancing the ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and mentioned the various aspects of cultural cooperation between the two nations, especially those organized by The Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity.
Dilovan Barwary is one of the founders of the Iraqi Gathering for Investigative Journalism, comprising several journalists, specialized in investigative writing, whose reportage had scored a number of local and international prizes, that won a great attention.
He is inspired by the reportage style of artists Paul Hogarth, who illustrated books by Graham Greene and John Wyndham, and Ronald Searle, creator of the St Trinian's stories.
Mr Shields complained most of the family's later information came from newspaper reportage which would appear to be in the context of briefings given to the media.
Shortly after that, she received a call from Ivanov, who tried to prevent the reportage from airing, saying that one of them, Brankov, has already been checked by NAP.