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in statistics, an important property of a sample. It consists in the closeness of characteristics of the sample—such as composition and average values—to the corresponding characteristics of the population from which the sample has been taken in accordance with established rules (seeSAMPLE SURVEY).

A judgment as to the degree of representativeness of a sample can be made in two ways. First, the sample is compared with the population with respect to all the characteristics that have been measured in both. Thus, in order to judge the representativeness of the sample households selected for a survey of household budgets, the distribution of households with respect to workers’ wage levels can be compared with the analogous distribution derived from general statistical data. If general data on the distribution are not available, average wage levels can be compared.

Second, a judgment as to the degree of representativeness can be made on the basis of the variability of the statistics under investigation in the sample. For example, if the data of a survey of household budgets indicate that the per capita consumption of bread varies from household to household much less than does the consumption of meat, then the sample can be considered to be more representative with respect to the consumption of bread than it is with respect to the consumption of meat.

The representativeness of a sample is measured by the sampling error, which is the difference between a sampling statistic and the parameter of the population from which the sample was taken. In practice, however, this difference remains unknown. Consequently, there is used as a measure of representativeness the probable value of the difference, as determined by the methods of mathematical statistics, or the root mean square of its possible values (see alsoSAMPLING).


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But such decisions trading off resolution and representativeness error for DA purposes will impact both the noise and the representation of small scales in estimates of the curl of wind stress, critical for oceanographic applications (Collins et al.
Representativeness was deduced from the graphs produced after the data synthesis by comparing with published literature.
The criterion of active samples selection includes the informativeness measure and the representativeness measure.
The role of representativeness under Charter section 11(d) is limited to its effect on independence and impartiality.
Found less appropriate were the largeness of the sample size given the population (X=2.14), identification of the sampling method (X=2.30), description of the sampling method (X=2.27), representativeness of the sample (X=2.20), and ways of addressing sample bias (X=2.11).
In general, heuristic methods have been proposed to balance between the uncertainty and the representativeness of the selected sample.
It was also suggested in notes on the online survey that answers to the questions would enable the organisation to monitor the representativeness of the responses and identify trends.
The FTSE China A50 Index represents the 50 largest A-Share companies, offering the optimal balance between representativeness and tradability for China's A Share market.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski stressed in his address that the new building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was one of the most beautiful buildings in the heart of the city, raising the representativeness of the institution.
[8] defined a "representativeness" measure for each sample according to its distance to nearby samples, so this criterion also can be called as representativeness.
"For our organisation's continuity, equity and representativeness, it is vital we explore whether barriers to full participation exist, if the needs of overseas-trained members are being addressed, and if NZNO needs to make any changes to support these members better."

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