South Vietnam

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South Vietnam:

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, officially Socialist Republic of Vietnam, republic (2015 est. pop. 93,572,000), 128,400 sq mi (332,642 sq km), Southeast Asia. Occupying the eastern coastline of the Southeast Asian peninsula, Vietnam is bounded by China on the north, by Laos and Cambodia on the west,
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South Vietnam

a former republic (1955--76) occupying the S of present-day Vietnam on the South China Sea and the Gulf of Siam
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Duong Van Minh: The last President of the Republic of Vietnam.
and Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) personnel had no bunker for protection from rocket attacks.
Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal, First Class, Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1969-1970
Dubai Chamber hosts networking luncheon in honour of HE Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and his large business delegation
He was highly decorated and received the Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Stars, the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.
The Hanoi government planned to conquer the Republic of Vietnam in the spring of 1972 with a massive three-pronged invasion.
THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, like the People's Republic of China, restricted the way writers and other artists could depict society.
The program had been in existence before the United States and the People's Socialist Republic of Vietnam had diplomatic relations.
Documents were distributed referring to Phan Van Khai as prime minister of ''the Republic of Vietnam'' and to Truong My Hoa as vice president of ''the Republic of Vietnam.
Not only holding the distinction of having served as the first Marine aircraft unit in the Republic of Vietnam, the squadron also served with their CH-53D Sea Stallions in Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm and during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.
When on ``search and destroy'' missions in the Republic of Vietnam with the 173 Airborne Brigade in `67 and `68, we went into what were designated ``free fire zones'' where we dropped leaflets warning that we were coming.
On November 8th, he was subjected to a secret trial and convicted of "acts of propaganda against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam," according to Nguyen Son, chief of the Hanoi Criminal Court.

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