required navigation performance

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required navigation performance

[rē¦kwī·ərd ‚nav·ə′gā·shən pər‚form·əns]
A method of regulating the performance of air navigation equipment, in which airspace requirements can be satisfied independently of the methods (that is, the sensors) by which they are achieved. Abbreviated RNP.

required navigation performance (RNP)

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Tabel existing and future levels of navigation accuracy.
A statement of the navigation performance necessary for operation within a defined airspace. Navigation performance and requirements are defined for a particular RNP type and/or application (ICAO).
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Based on this MoU, Quovadis will design new Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) and Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) approaches for Al Bateen Executive Airport.
Precision navigation technology is being pioneered with the introduction of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) flight operations.
However PRNAV is seen as an interim step towards full Required Navigation Performance RNAV (RNP RNAV).
Honeywell's transoceanic Next Generation Flight Management System enables the most efficient flight and next-generation approach capabilities with Required Navigation Performance Approval Required.
NASDAQ: ISSC), will allow the aircraft to fly shorter flight paths and take advantage of continuous-descent, Required Navigation Performance approaches to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and noise levels -- a primary objective of NextGen.
Boeing has partnered with Lion Air (JT) and IndonesiaOs DG of Civil Aviation to perform validation flights to test tailor-made required navigation performance (RNP) procedures at two terrain-challenged airportsNAmbon and Manado, Indonesia.
GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE:GE), on Monday announced it has been selected to deploy a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) programme at Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport in China.
Rockwell Collins, a leader in developing open systems architecture avionics solutions, announced that it has received the very first Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Conformance Certificate for its Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Area Navigation (RNAV) capable Mission Flight Management Software (MFMS).
The A320 is fully equipped to benefit from Required Navigation Performance (RNP) allowing the aircraft to fly precisely along predefined routes using state-of-the-art onboard navigation systems.
JetBlue became the first Federal Aviation Administration -certified carrier in the United States to utilize new satellite-based Special (Non-Public) Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required (RNP AR) approaches to Runways 13L and 13R at its home base at New York's John F.

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