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(mignonette), a genus of herbaceous plants of the family Resedaceae. The leaves are alternate, entire, and pinna-tifid or pinnatisect. The flowers, which are small, bisexual, and irregular, are in terminal racemes or spikes. The petals are white, yellow, or greenish yellow. The ovary is superior and has three or four carpels. The fruit is a capsule, with many small seeds.

There are 50 to 60 species of mignonette, distributed primarily in the Mediterranean countries and eastward to East Africa and India. Several species grow in Europe below 60°N lat. The USSR has approximately ten species, growing mainly in Middle Asia and the Caucasus. A few species are found in the European USSR, and one species grows in Western Siberia. The plants thrive on dry hills and slopes and on rocky soils and limestones; some grow as weeds among crops and in wastelands. Common mignonette (R. odoratum), which has fragrant white flowers, is cultivated in gardens and sometimes grows wild. The aboveground organs of some species, for example, R. lutea, contain a yellow pigment that is used as dye.


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We played with them again at the Country Club in Reseda, and I would watch the audiences reaction to them.
Le nouveau texte contient des images qui ne figuraient pas dans l'ancienne version, ainsi que des textes parus recemment dans la presse algerienne, notamment la Rose et le Reseda evoquant les memoires d'Henri Maillot et de Maurice Laban.
Lila compartio en esa ocasion la escena con la cantante paraguaya Reseda, quien acompanada por guitarras y arpas entono cantos en guarani que, lo mismo que los de Lila Downs en mixteco, cautivaron a la audiencia e hicieron de esa velada un acto memorable, grabado indeleblemente en la historia de este proyecto cultural de Nuestra America.
Postcard featuring the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Sherman Way, ca.
Edward Wyman, 64, of Reseda, Calif., was charged in June 2009 after firefighters responded to reports of a fire and explosion at Wyman's residence.
the warmth carried the scent of reseda into the bedchamber, as
PERFECT for evening is the potent perfume of night-scented stocks, lilies and mignonette or Reseda odorata.
Late Spring and Summer: Campanula, Nemophila, Eschscholzia, Clarkia, Gypsophila, Centaurea, Linum, Lavatera, Nigella, Limnanthes, Cosmos, Reseda, Phacelia, Coreopsis, Nepeta, Persicaria,
Por un lado, la cabalgata y el desborde de la rosa y la reseda, (2) de las cadencias impuestas por la noche y el hombro a hombro de la Resistencia.
that waxed hot Swallow and lark begin Sing the rose and the reseda
(3) Patricia Kessen shows her vote sticker after casting her presidential primary vote at a Goodwill store in the Reseda section of Los Angeles.