Reserve Battery

reserve battery

[ri′zərv ′bad·ə·rē]
A battery which is inert until an operation is performed which brings all the cell components into the proper state and location to become active.
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Reserve Battery


a cell that is designed in such a way that it can be stored in an inoperative state for rather long periods and converted to an active state at the required time by bringing the electrodes into contact with the electrolyte or by converting the electrolyte into an operative state. The storage life of modern reserve batteries is 10—15 years and significantly exceeds the storage life of standard batteries.

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The world's largest lithium-ion battery is called the Hornsdale Power Reserve battery system.
Solar Energy for Charging: All sort of battery operated devices and appliances can be charged through the solar energy like cell phones, inverter batteries, video games, reserve battery bank, and so on.
* Not having landing gear to worry about provided greater flexibility so reserve battery capacity could be put to better use.
The device will be durable, water- and dust-resistant, and will support 400 airtime minutes and up to 500 hours of reserve battery. The phone will allow troops to send encrypted text, media and emails from the field.
Predict distance current battery will be able to run, and search for and reserve battery replacement locations
A 1500mA reserve battery can accept charging from the solar panel or from a USB connection.
DoD Supply Chain Management, Technology for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Workforce, Defense Manufacturing Communications, and Military Power Sources/ Reserve Battery Committee.
We've travelled the world together watching sport and were on the Qantas flight in 2008 where all four generators failed and we had to land on reserve battery. We were 45 minutes from death.

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