Residence Permit

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Residence Permit


(1) A document issued to aliens in addition to the national passport for a lengthy stay in a particular country. To obtain a residence permit in the USSR, an alien must, upon arrival at the place indicated in an entrance visa, appear within 24 hours at the visa and registration department of the police administration (if there is no such department, at the police precinct); he must also declare every intended change of residence (which is marked in his residence permit). At the new place of residence or at the place of temporary stay the residence permit must be registered within 24 hours or within 48 hours in rural areas. In registering documents of civil status, the alien must present his permit with a national passport; the registration is done according to the alien’s place of residence on the same basis as the registration of Soviet citizens. Residence permits are not issued to tourists or to any other foreigners who come to travel in the USSR or for a short stay, for instance, to artists or to members of various delegations. An entry indicating permission for a temporary stay in the USSR is made in the national passports of these aliens.

Residence permits are issued in the socialist countries and in the majority of capitalist states.

(2) In prerevolutionary Russia residence permits were introduced by the Statute of 1894; in cases provided for by the law, a residence permit was issued instead of a passport. The permit included the wife of the recipient and, if he wished, his children, elderly relatives, and other persons as well.

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Piling onto the temporary measures passed by cabinet in July , whereby those who were unable to register for reasons relating to residence permits and citizenship were granted access to Gesy pending the issuing of the necessary documents by the civil registry, the cabinet moved on Wednesday to allow access to all those still struggling with registration.
According to the amendments, the temporary residence permits are proposed to be issued within 15 and 20 days, the permanent residence permits within 35, 40, 50 and 60 days, a decision on extension of the temporary stay period in the country within one and three days, a work permit in Azerbaijan within 10, 15 and 20 days.
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Residence permit applicants will receive a six-month entry permit that will allow them to enter the UAE and complete any outstanding procedures related to their projects.
These records, he said, were of employers who did not complete the process of issuing residence permits by not obtaining smart cards for their housemaids, not placing a residence permit sticker on their passports or not completing their medical examination.
Further amendments, she said, should include the deletion of section 18(4) of the Liquor Act of 2003 which required producing a valid work and residence permit with respect to none citizens liquor trade licence applicants.
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ISLAMABAD -- The photocopy of the residence permit (iqama) allegedly of former President Asif Zli Zardari doing rounds on the social media is fake, fabricated and photo shopped to malign and discredit the former President and the PPP and is the handiwork of those who wish to bring into disrepute the entire political class.
but for those who have already renewed their residence permits, they will pay fees for the remaining period of the validity of their residence permits in due course." For final exit, the two-month validity period will be considered in addition to the duration of the residence permit as per regulations, he added, without clarifying further.