Residence Permit

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Residence Permit


(1) A document issued to aliens in addition to the national passport for a lengthy stay in a particular country. To obtain a residence permit in the USSR, an alien must, upon arrival at the place indicated in an entrance visa, appear within 24 hours at the visa and registration department of the police administration (if there is no such department, at the police precinct); he must also declare every intended change of residence (which is marked in his residence permit). At the new place of residence or at the place of temporary stay the residence permit must be registered within 24 hours or within 48 hours in rural areas. In registering documents of civil status, the alien must present his permit with a national passport; the registration is done according to the alien’s place of residence on the same basis as the registration of Soviet citizens. Residence permits are not issued to tourists or to any other foreigners who come to travel in the USSR or for a short stay, for instance, to artists or to members of various delegations. An entry indicating permission for a temporary stay in the USSR is made in the national passports of these aliens.

Residence permits are issued in the socialist countries and in the majority of capitalist states.

(2) In prerevolutionary Russia residence permits were introduced by the Statute of 1894; in cases provided for by the law, a residence permit was issued instead of a passport. The permit included the wife of the recipient and, if he wished, his children, elderly relatives, and other persons as well.

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The staff of the passport and visa service repeatedly refused to accept and examine the documents under various pretexts, and in November 2017 they returned the application for the extension of the residence permit, offering to apply for a temporary residence permit, having previously left the territory of the Russian Federation and re-entering on the basis of visas.
In her ruling, senior magistrate Makgoro stated that a signed document from the Department of Immigration, Nationality and Gender Affairs was submitted as part of notifying the court about the cancellation of the accused's residence permit.
The residence permit given to Sarah Raud is to last for one year.
The former President does not hold any visa or residence permit as an employee or partner in some private firm as wrongly claimed in the fake iqama doing rounds on social media, he said.
Illegal residence permit was seized in the possession of the arrested person, who deviously entered the Lebanese territories.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- I noticed that I have not written about residence permit issues for a long time now, so this article serves as an update on residence permit applications in Turkey.
Summary: Moroccans living in Algeria are no longer entitled to permanent residence permit, which will be replaced by a renewable one.
THE Centre has granted a oneyear residence permit to Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who has often stirred controversy with her writings and public utterances.
passport on easier rules without observing such conditions as uninterrupted residence in Russia for five years under a residence permit
Golden Visa is a residence permit granted to citizens of non-EU countries, who develop and maintain investment activity in Portugal for a period of at least five years, after which they may be granted a permanent residence permit and the possibility of being awarded Portuguese nationality.
Macedonia, in comparison, offers its passport to foreign citizens provided they invest in the country 400,000 euros and employ at least ten people, as those who buy real estate of 40,000 euros are issued residence permit.
Until now, Muller-Altermatt noted, the residence permit limit for job seekers applying for short-term permits was systematically brought up to a year by the authorities in charge of controlling immigration.