Resolution Island

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Resolution Island,

387 sq mi (1,002 sq km), off SE Baffin Island, Canada, Nunavut Territory, at the east entrance of Hudson Strait. At its southern extremity is a radar and meteorological station.
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"That's Resolution Island. We are forty miles beyond Hao Island, and the wind is in our teeth."
A German warship is anchored near Resolution Island making repairs.
Covering an additional 1,125 kilometres would bring them to Hatten's Head, Resolution Island.
However, currents also dipped into the strait at Resolution Island. If collision with large bergs (and the island) was avoided, then drifting into the strait surrounded by the "small ice" of late July was a relatively safe entrance to effect.
A titre de comparaison, les donnees meteorologiques recueillies entre 1950 et 1992 a trois stations cotieres situees a proximite immediate (Brevoort Island, Cape Dyer et Resolution Island) indiquent que la moyenne des temperatures minimales et maximales de l'air pour le mois d'avril est normalement de 10 a 20[degrees]C plus froide que celle enregistree a notre campement.
These sites, listed in order of their increasing distance from the Winton Bay field camp, are Brevoort Island (1960-75; 1989-92), Resolution Island (1950-61), Iqaluit (1950-99), and Cape Dyer (1960-90) (Environment Canada, unpubl.
During that time, no warming or rain events during March were recorded from any of the three adjacent coastal weather stations (Brevoort Island, Resolution Island, and Cape Dyer) or from Iqaluit (at the head of Frobisher Bay).
The warming event in late April 1953 was recorded at both Resolution Island and Iqaluit (Table 2).
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