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The process by which a magma redissolves previously crystallized minerals.
Absorption or, less commonly, adsorption of material by a body or system from which the material was previously released.
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(1) In physiology, repeated assimilation; the same as absorption.

(2) In pathology and pathological physiology, the same as resolution. In cases of leukoses, for example, resorption of the bone develops very intensively and is accompanied by rarefaction and the complete resolution of the bony frame.

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"This dual but opposite effect suggests a transient absence of coupling between resorption and formation early in the initiation of treatment, with bone formation potentially occurring without prior resorption, consistent with a modeling process," the authors write.
There is continuous remodeling of bone (bone deposition and resorption) throughout life, but rate of overall bone loss is varied among individuals.8,16,17 In older individuals the resorptive processes are more pronounced leading to a more significant bone loss.9 As success of complete dentures depends on adequate ridge height and contour the loss of bone leads to a number of problems in making complete dentures.7,18 This makes it essential to know factors that are involved in residual ridge reduction.
The concern about resorption is that in some felines the process can be very painful.
The rate of resorption varies from cat to cat and sometimes tooth to tooth.
The middle third of the roots has been reported as the most prevalent area related to internal resorption lesion (21).
Depending on the stage of root resorption, CH pastes must be renewed within the canal for several weeks.
Bone flap resorption is the destruction of the autologous bone that is used to fix the skull defect.
Preclinical studies have shown that AP-002 selectively inhibits osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption with a novel mechanism of action distinct from other anti-bone resorption agents.
GLP-1 receptor-deficient mice were reported to exhibit osteopenia and increased osteoclast formation, suggesting that the GLP-1 signaling has an inhibitory effect of bone resorption on bone metabolism [31].
Resorption of extruded intervertebral disc herniation: Effect of physical therapy modalities.
From the late 1800s to approximately 1920, the use of the term "absorption" was still favored by most clinicians and academicians, however some used both terms absorption and resorption somewhat interchangeably.