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Carers need respite care to give them a break from caring - we need the right to a holiday alone.
Mums Martine O'Callaghan and Hayley Norris launched the CWTCH Network - which stands for Carers Working Towards Change - earlier this year to fight the funding cut to overnight respite care.
For these reasons, there is a consensus among professionals and researchers that providing respite care is a national concern (4) and a significant recruitment and retention tool for foster parents.
I would like to ask your readers to join us in calling for quality, choice and dignity in respite care for all and to support our vital work.
Care plans for people who use respite care will be completed this week.
The findings of Meltzer and Johnson's study illustrate the importance of respite care provision in a therapeutic camp setting.
States plan to use the grant funds for a variety of activities including respite care provider training, the development of respite care provider registries, public awareness and education initiatives, and improving coordination across the various agencies that handle respite care services.
But after the state's latest round of budget cuts, the family's respite care hours were reduced to 50 and are expected to be eliminated altogether by Oct.
The Telfers said their inability to attend was an example of how they have become trapped by their son's disability because of inadequate respite care.
LONDON, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government has today (Tuesday 10 June) announced a new National Strategy for Carers, which promises to double the amount spent on respite care over two years.
And he also hit out at the lottery which means that he qualifies for respite care for Ivan - while the Meeks do not.
New figures reveal 28,000 carers saw their Annual Respite Care Grant increase from EUR835 to EUR1,000.