Restrictive covenant

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Restrictive covenant

A requirement to adhere to a specific restriction on the use or development of real property.
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restrictive covenant

An agreement between two or more individuals, incorporated within a deed which stipulates how land may be used. The constraints may include: the specific use to which a property can be put, the location and dimensions of fences, the setback of buildings from the street, the size of yards, the type of architecture, the cost of the house, etc. Racial and religious restrictions on inhabitants are legally unenforceable.
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(6) Indeed, when the legislature passed the restrictive covenant statute, it was not writing on a blank slate; the term "goodwill" had come to find meaning in Florida law generally.
The suit also argued that the restrictive covenant was to prevent big box retailers who compete in the same market as Walmart.
C&W responded by having its employees sign two-year non-service restrictive covenants under which they promised not to provide services at any locations at which they had worked while C&W employees.
In March 2008, the Town granted petitioners' application, however, it was subject to several restrictive covenants, including one that required all 172 units in the project to be sold as condominiums only.
The starting point is that restrictive covenants are unenforceable as a restraint of trade.
Certainly, one important step for a hiring company is to ascertain if there are any restrictive covenants in play.
Non-compete agreements, non-solicitations and confidentiality agreements (Restrictive Covenants) are vehicles to protect the thousands of dollars and hours spent in developing a company's product or services.
Such restrictive covenants are also known as noncompete clauses (NCCs).
The letter added that the Competition Office of the European Commission should "issue a directive to Wirral Council to prevent any 'sale' of the Restrictive Covenants at Ingleborough Road, until the matter can be formally investigated and ruled upon".
Donna Truex, Miller's lawyer from Bowditch & Dewey LLP, recorded a restrictive covenant prohibiting the use of the house as a group home for disabled people.
Jim is very focused on protecting his intellectual property as well as his customer relationships and would like to have employees sign non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants. Are there any particular concerns about which Jim should be aware?

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