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These sites cover a wide range of use cases from verifying initial equipment installation to ensuring on-going system health and supporting whole building retro-commissioning. The field demonstration sites include buildings in Asia, representing both mega-tall buildings and modern LEED-certified buildings, as well as North America, representing existing building stock.
The retro-commissioning project involved installing more reliable control sequences on air handlers, making them more energy efficient.
Retro-commissioning agents can fine-tune operations and existing equipment, while energy consultants can recommend energy monitoring, software and retrofit options.
the UESC project will save over USD572,000 annually through five energy conservation measures (ECMs), including lighting controls and/or retrofits in 18 buildings, heat recovery chillers in 20 buildings, various mechanical retrofits, controls upgrades in 22 buildings as well as demand ventilation and retro-commissioning in six buildings.
Medina, MN, March 30, 2016 --( Two prominent grocery chains in the Upper Midwest are reducing their energy use and cutting energy cost by retro-commissioning their stores.
Sunbelt Controls entered the building controls market more than 30 years ago and has expanded its service by providing fully integrated, single source solutions ranging from automated control systems to design assistance, sustainable maintenance service, and retro-commissioning.
* Installation, start-up and commissioning complexity, which have limited the ability of building owners and operators to leverage the full capability of installed systems or adapt them (by either re- or retro-commissioning) to changes in space configuration or occupant activity.
Of course re-commissioning and retro-commissioning will critical tools to maximise returns on investment as part of the retrofit."
Existing building retro-commissioning involves commissioning building HVAC equipment after the equipment has been installed, and the facility is running and occupied.
Dave McFarlane is a principal project director in the asset management practice and head of the retro-commissioning group and Scott Gordon is technical manager for the Building Performance Group at Atkins in Fort Myers, Fla.
He is a principal mechanical engineer with 10 years' experience in building commissioning, retro-commissioning and mechanical system design.
Laboratories benefit from an energy audit and retro-commissioning to identify opportunities for reducing plug load and addressing lighting, equipment, and ventilation needs.