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At the same time, it confirms what Escalona (2006) and Yang and Hodgson (2007) pointed, regarding the need to shorten the reverberation time as a control measure of acoustics in the classrooms, in order to improve the intelligibility in those spaces.
Not only is the reverberation time itself frequency dependent, every signal emitted into the room has its own frequency balance.
In terms of reverberation time, we observed a clear tendency towards a decrease in values.
Background Noise Levels and Reverberation Times in Unoccupied Classrooms: Predictions and Measurements.
A considerable improvement of the reverberation time was observed, which was decreased by 20% to 50%.
It has to be stated that this research is still in progress and a number of other analysis including reverberation times, and sound propagation, is still ahead.
Measurement instruments for obtaining noise and reverberation time measurements must meet requirements for Type 1 sound level meter as defined in IEC 616721-1 (10) or the Type 1 specifications as defined in the latest versions of ANSI S1.
The reverberation time in the patient room will be measured before and after a sound absorbing finish on up to two walls has been applied.
For reverberation time T we can use the relation (5):
To increase the signal-to-noise ratio, the recorded reverberation time series were cross correlated with the transmitted signal to obtain the impulse responses [h.
They have sound absorbing properties, reducing reverberation time in the space below them.