Reverberatory Furnace

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reverberatory furnace

[ri′vər·brə‚tȯr·ē ¦fər·nəs]
A furnace in which heat is supplied by burning of fuel in a space between the charge and the low roof.

Reverberatory Furnace


an industrial smelting furnace in which heat is transferred to the material by radiation from the gaseous products of fuel combustion, as well as from the incandescent interior surface of the refractory furnace lining. The term “reverberatory furnace” is usually applied to furnaces used for the production of metals and semifinished products in nonferrous metallurgy (for example, smelting of copper matte from ores or concentrates, smelting of lead from lead-sulfide concentrates, and refining of copper, antimony, lead, and tin). The term is also applied to furnaces used for glassmaking and melting ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys in the foundry industry. Open-hearth and two-bath furnaces, which are used for the production of steel, are sometimes classified as reverberatory furnaces, although they differ significantly from the reverberatory furnaces used in nonferrous metallurgy in design and the mode of heat exchange.

Reverberatory furnaces may be of the continuous-operation or batch types. In continuous-operation furnaces, the loading of initial materials and the discharge of melt take place throughout the working cycle—for example, in glassmaking or in continuous refining of lead. In batch furnaces the initial materials are charged periodically, and the entire melt is discharged from the furnace when the process has been completed—for example, after the smelting of steel in open-hearth or two-bath furnaces. Reverberatory or reflector furnaces also include those used primarily in the laboratory, in which a mirror is used to focus the radiation from the high-temperature source of heat on the object being heated.


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The dried filter cake is fluxed and fed to natural gas-fired reverberatory furnaces.
These solids are sent to the reverberatory furnace.
It is understandable that their management would be reluctant to develop a new technology that might require them to scrap their "state of the art" large reverberatory furnaces that had required a large capital investment just a few years earlier.
However, this furnace has provisionally been deferred by Enami; tests are to be made of the recovery of copper from these slags in the modified reverberatory furnace fitted with oxygen lances, for which a 300 t/d oxygen plant is to be built.
During the past 25 yr, there has been a tremendous amount of incentive to change the smelting methods by replacing the reverberatory furnaces.
The first stage involved installation of oxy-fuel burners in one reverberatory furnace, while a Teniente converter will be installed and commissioned as a second phase this year, to replace an existing Pierce-Smith converter.
Walker Die Casting is currently operating two of its three 60,000-lb reverberatory furnaces.
Replace your reverberatory furnace with an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, Modern Equipment Aluminum Stack Melting Furnace.
At Caletones, the project includes construction of a new furnace and at Potrerillos a reverberatory furnace would be replaced by an El Teniente Modified Convertor.
When put directly into the melt in a reverberatory furnace, the grain refiner should be added into the dip well, rather than at the charging door with the charge material.
Slag and matte are tapped together into an existing reverberatory furnace for settling.