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Responding to a recent request for comment, the Unification Church issued a statement on the submarine affair: "Reverend Moon, a survivor of communist concentration camps and a refugee from North Korean Communism, spent decades engaged in a global effort to defeat communism ideologically, and founded the strongly anti-communist Washington Times at the height of the Cold War.
Not long after he launched the newspaper, Moon boasted: "Many comfortable Washington political bureaucrats who have had their beautiful offices inside big marble buildings considered Reverend Moon and the Unification Church as insignificant as peanuts.
Adding to her workload until just recently were responsibilities attached to the little Angels of Krea children's group and the Fine Arts School in Seoul, an organization connected with Reverend Moon. Also high on her list of priorities is caring for a son to whom she wishes deeply to devote more time.
She was betrothed to Reverend Moon's son, Hueng Jin, whom she had known since childhood, but he was killed in a car crash before they were able to have a marriage ceremony.
In the case of the Reverend Moon, Mr Howard contended that the decision to refuse him entry had been taken in the interests of public safety and was the correct decision.
And the same Reverend Moon, come to think of it, who was crowned by Representative Danny Davis at a bizarre March 23 ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, during which the reverend informed the audience that Hitler and Stalin had, from beyond the grave, proclaimed him "humanity's savior, messiah, returning lord and true parent." And before a crowd that included John Warner, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Curt Weldon, who is--drumroll, please--the founder and co-chairman of the House missile-defense caucus.
Davis, a Democrat from Illinois who wore white gloves and carried the Reverend Moon's crown on a velvet pillow, was in fact aware what sort of event this would be.
The nude ceremony hasn't quite taken on the scale of a Moonie wedding, where thousands of Reverend Moon's devotees gather in a stadium to marry someone they've just met, but it has grown since the dozen couples in 2000, so it might just take off.
The Reverend Moon's motto is inscribed in the rock at the school's entrance: "Three Principles of Love: Love God, Love Mankind, and Love Your Country." And the founder's address states that "it is the foundation of your spirit which cultivates scholarship, trains for artistic accomplishments, and cultivates character.
Bruce Steival's impressive evening-length version, incorporating all elements of the plot, continues in the repertory of the Reverend Moon's Universal Ballet, based in Seoul, Korea.
Aside from the fact that there are a few dubious examples who claim to be atheists or agnostics (and some Jews, including at least one fairly central to the movement), one of the leading lights in the intelligent-design cause is Jonathan Wells, a follower of the Reverend Moon and his Unification Church.
Revelations of the family's decadence have led devoted followers of the Reverend Moon's Unification Church to quit in disgust.