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There could be new developments at work or with family plans for a partner or close relative as Mercury begins a three-week reverse thrust phase, where what's arranged may be reorganised, in some cases, for around mid-January, so staying flexible could be good.
and what Federer now does is a reverse thrust and sort of skipping backward, three or four steps - impossibly fast - to hit a forehand out of his backhand corner, all his weight moving backward, and the forehand is a topspin screamer down the line past Agassi at net, who lunges for it but the ball's past him.
These include FlexTracks, a programme that plans efficient flight route patterns based on weather conditions; single-engine taxi on the ground; idle reverse thrust upon landing; and fuel-efficient ground handling and transportation equipment.
The patented PERT (Planar Exit Rear Target) thrust reverser features two blocker doors that serve as the engine's exhaust exit during flight, and are deployed on landing for the reverse thrust function.
On the taxi director's signal, I placed my hand on the nosewheel-steering handle and gave a good shot of reverse thrust to back us out of the wire.
The Maximum Reverse Thrust (MRT) feature allows you to rotate the engine 180 degrees, adjust the trim and the motor performs in reverse.
While in full reverse thrust, the skidding plane crossed an intersecting taxiway and finally stopped nose down more than a kilometer before the end of the strip.
Less than half-an-hour later, the aircraft was brought back down to earth using a braking parachute and reverse thrust.
The evolution continued normally as the port engine was started successfully and brought into reverse thrust to reduce the propeller wash around the nacelle and allow the maintainers to check the engine for bleed air, oil, and hydraulic leaks.
Like the pilot when she suggested he could land just as safely with less reverse thrust, and reduce his carbon footprint.
He managed to get the main wheels down on the runway, the damaged front wheels six seconds later and threw the Number 3 engine into maximum reverse thrust, pulling up the aircraft on the runway with just 150 metres to spare, the report said.
As demonstrated by ground testing performed in a Learjet 60 equipped to duplicate the accident airplane's scenario (in which the logic requirements for maintaining thrust reverser deployment were no longer being met), the sequence that followed was that the thrust reverser doors stowed while the cockpit thrust reverser levers remained lifted in the reverse thrust position (as had been selected by the captain) and the engines instead produced forward thrust at near-takeoff power.

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