Revival architecture

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Its freely-adapted Gothic Revival architecture has similarities with that of the better-known late 19th century architects Martin and Chamberlain, designers of many municipal buildings in the city.
Jacobethan is a mode of Tudor Revival architecture comprising a blend of Jacobean and Elizabethan architecture.
The Rose Building, built about 1900, was named for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Uriah Rose and is an example of neoclassic revival architecture.
The spectacular Jukuiju Mansion is situated in Wuri, Taichung District and features a mixture of traditional Taiwanese and Japanese era Baroque revival architecture.
It takes off from the classic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and California Mission: a hybrid style based on distinct structural details of buildings and churches during the early Spanish colonization of North and South America.
John Glen MP, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism said: Aberystwyth Old College is a treasured local building that is recognised as one of the UKs most significant pieces of Gothic revival architecture.
The charm of Spanish Revival architecture is what attracts most observers to the Tackett house on Greenwood's oak-lined Grand Boulevard.
In Spanish Revival architecture, new features have been added to classic ones to create a distinct look.
The 4,800-square-foot space, created by Maier himself, the son of an architect--he notes he isn't one; a 15-person in-house design team assists him--oozes Southern California, specifically the area's Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.
This reassessment of George Gilbert Scott, known--and widely criticised--for his Gothic Revival architecture, seeks to restore his reputation.
The site includes a Georgian manor house, notable for its Georgian Revival architecture, extensive formal gardens, grounds, and the original stone slave quarters and other outbuildings.
The Grade II listed Gothic Revival architecture of the Royds Mount Building provided an impressive backdrop with illuminated coloured lights, for the various musical performances from all sections of the school.