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see RhineRhine
, Du. Rijn, Fr. Rhin, Ger. Rhein, Lat. Rhenus, principal river of Europe, c.820 mi (1,320 km) long. It rises in the Swiss Alps and flows generally north, passing through or bordering on Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and
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, river.
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other activity: Herstellung und durchfhrung der landesgartenschau 2022 neuenburg am rhein
Healthcare therapeutics-focused private equity firm New Rhein Healthcare Investors has announced the closing of its inaugural pooled fund, the company said.
For the plastics industry, the Rhein Chemie unit offers a broad range of organic pigments and dyes for commodity and engineering resins; phosphorus-based flame retardants; stabilizers for protection against humidity; specialty plasticizers; and catalysts, activators, and impact modifiers for cast nylon production.
Medicine company Cesca Therapeutics (NasdaqCM:KOOL) said on Friday that Denis Michael Rhein has been elected to its board of directors.
Purified rhein was purchased from the National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products (Beijing, China).
Anno Borkowsky, president and CEO of Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH.
The panel of judges praised Rhein Chemie's innovative expansion of its product portfolio, achieved last year through the successful completion of three acquisitions.
Under the transaction, Rhein Chemie, part of chemicals company Lanxess (ETR:LXSG), will get the rights to related product formulations, plus some specific contracts and inventories.
Mae'r Rhein yn gyfoeth o ramant a chwedlau, miwsig a llenyddiaeth, ond mae hefyd wedi bod yn dyst i benodau mwyaf gwaedlyd hanes yr ugeinfed ganrif.
They stood at the edge of the Rhein like it was the edge of the world, inspecting stones and soot, careful not to wet the toes of their shoes.
European Command (USEUCOM) needed assistance in customs clearing commercial air cargo following the closure of Rhein Main Air Base in 2005, SDDC, with help from U.S.
The Polyurethane/Plastics Division of Rhein Chemic Rheinau GmbH in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany, has developed the Stabaxol range of carbodiimides for use as hydrolysis stabilizers in adhesives, where they improve performance and lengthen service life.