Rheinische Zeitung Für Politik, Handel und Gewerbe

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Rheinische Zeitung Für Politik, Handel und Gewerbe


(Rhine Newspaper of Politics, Trade, and Crafts), a German daily newspaper founded by members of the liberal bourgeoisie opposed to the Prussian government.

The Rheinische Zeitung was published in Cologne from Jan. 1, 1842, to Mar. 31, 1843. In April 1842, K. Marx began working for the newspaper, and in October 1842 he became its editor. Marx published a number of articles in the newspaper that marked the beginning of his transition from idealism to dialectical materialism and from revolutionary democratism to communism. F. Engels also worked for the newspaper.

Owing to Marx and Engels, Rheinische Zeitung adopted a definite revolutionary-democratic position. This resulted in repression from the Prussian government, which led to Marx’ resignation on Mar. 17, 1843, and the closing of the newspaper on Mar. 31, 1843.


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