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1. a breed of domestic pigeon having a large tail that can be opened like a fan
2. any Old World flycatcher of the genus Rhipidura, of Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia, having a broad fan-shaped tail
3. Architect a part or structure having a number of components radiating from a common centre
4. a burner that ejects fuel to produce a wide flat flame in a lamp or furnace
5. a flat jet of air and coal dust projected into the air stream of a pulverized-coal furnace
6. an auxiliary sail on the upper portion of a windmill that turns the mill to face the wind
7. US a curved part of the deck projecting aft of the sternpost of a ship
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an aquarium fish bred as a result of selected mutations of the goldfish (Carassius auratus). The fantail has a shorter and broader body than the goldfish; it also differs in the length and shape of its fins (the caudal fin is bifurcated and looks like a fan; some varieties have no dorsal fin) and in the size and placement of the eyes. Fantails have varied coloring: velvety black, red, yellow, variegated, white, and light blue. There are many forms of fantails: telescope fish with protruding eyes, star-gazers with protruding eyes directed upward, “aquatic eyes” with very large eyes, orandas and lionheads with growths on their heads, and pearl fish with protruding scales that look like pearls in reflected light. Fantails do not require heated water, but they must be kept in large aquariums.


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(naval architecture)
The area of the upper deck of a ship which is nearest the stern.
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Any member or construction having a form resembling the construction of a fan, esp. applied to centering having radiating struts.
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