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A rootlike structure, characteristic of many basidiomycetes, consisting of a mass of densely packed and intertwined hyphae.



a long, rope-like aggregation of intertwined fungal threads. Rhizomorphs promote the conduction of water and nutrient matter from the branched mycelium in the substrate to the fruiting bodies. They are characteristic of a number of Basidiomycetes, mainly of the Hymenomycetes group.

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Rhizomorphs Dark brown coming near to black, Black, penetrating soil with glossy, densely penetrating top underground tree remains, soil, monopodially ramifying on monopodially ramifying.
fallax has more robust basidiomata, the pileus is larger (30-40 mm diam.) and with a mammilate central umbo, rhizomorphs are absent, basidiospores are amygdaliform to ellipsoid and larger (6.5-8 x 4-6.5 [mu]m), the pileipellis is a loosely entangled layer of ascending cylindrical hyphae (Baroni, 1981).
3B).Mature basidioma gray with violet tone up to 125 mm high attached to the substratum by well-developed mycelial base; Rhizomorphs off white.
Volva present at the base of the stipe, 24-31 X 21-25 mm, saccate, yellowish white (4A2), smooth, with basal rhizomorphs. Basidiospores 3.5-5 X 1.7-2.5 pm, ellipsoid, smooth and thin-walled.
Check the soil for the black "bootlace" strands, or rhizomorphs, that the fungus puts out to search for a new source of food.
With root rots, where there is a free spread of mycelium (Rosellinia sp), or rhizomorphs (Armillaria), an integrated approach with selective fungicides and biocontrol agents will be useful.
is a genus of agaricoid, mushroom-forming fungi, which are characterized by the presence of partial veil usually forming an annulus or leaving remnants at the pileus margin, adnate to adnexed lamellae and well-developed rhizomorphs on stipe base, which are densely covered by spiniform crystals called acanthocytes, the latter considered a diagnostic feature of the genus (Farr, 1980; Cortez & Silveira, 2008).
Below this level, there is abundant purple mottling, large rhizomorphs and rhizoliths, and differential cementation including calcitecemented intraformational conglomerate, and no beds of aeolian sandstone.
Criteria for sorting included ramification colour size associated hyphae rhizomorphs cystidia etc.
Lifespans of fungal rhizomorphs under nitrogen fertilization in a pinyone-juniper woodland.
However, the most likely way in which the fungus will spread from one plant to another is through its "rhizomorphs." Put simply, these are the root system of the fungus and, in the case of armillaria can be as thick as shoe laces, hence one of its common names - the boot lace fungus.
Role of lichen rhizomorphs in thallus propagation and substrate colonization.