Rhode Island Red chicken

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Rhode Island Red chicken,

American breed of poultrypoultry,
domesticated fowl kept primarily for meat and eggs; including birds of the order Galliformes, e.g., the chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, and peacock; and natatorial (swimming) birds, e.g., the duck and goose.
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, no longer raised commercially, but still maintained for use in breeding programs. See Red Rock chickenRed Rock chicken,
the only chicken still popular to any large extent in the United States today for both meat and eggs. It resulted from a cross between a Rhode Island Red male and a Plymouth Rock female.
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(*.) Rhode Island Red chickens are a traditional breed of poultry and are similar in flavor to the Beldi chickens.
We want to raise Rhode Island Red chickens, have a few sheep and some cattle.
Owners Barbara Cowling and Tony Williams bought a 15-strong batch of 22-week-old Rhode Island Red chickens from Chelford Market three weeks ago.
Itwas on that date TonyWilliams, 37, from Tyn Llwyn, Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, bought 15 Rhode Island Red chickens at Chelford.
(They were two days old when their mother died.) I have two cats (one mouser and one declawed adoptee whose master died), 24 Rhode Island Red chickens, and three baby goats.

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