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, formerly Rhodesia,
officially Republic of Zimbabwe, republic (2005 est. pop. 12,747,000), 150,803 sq mi (390,580 sq km), S central Africa. It is bordered on the north by Zambia, on the northeast and east by Mozambique, on the south by South Africa, and on
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The Rhodesian security forces and ZANLA recorded their activities during the war.
An analysis of the impact of the Rhodesian Air Force in Zimbabwe's war of liberation provides useful insights into the role of air power fighting guerrilla forces in modern warfare, says Mutanda, and reveals the ineffectiveness of conventional forces with confronted by resolute irregular bands.
Then, in his infinite mercy, Peck suddenly remembered to grant the African a bit of credit but immediately took it away in the same breath: "Happily," he wrote, "this state of affairs is passing away; but readers outside Africa would do well to remember that the disinclination of the white Rhodesian to share amenities does not, basically, spring from mere vulgar prejudice: it finds its origin, fundamentally, in an almost instinctive desire to preserve standards in this regard.
When challenged by the authorities to explain what it was about, Mapfumo said it was a Rhodesian army marching song encouraging young men to sign up.
ALFIE & CHUCKIE C Rhodesian Ridgeback Alfie, two, and Jack Russell Chuckie, 15, live with Deborah McQuire in Kilsyth.
I AM surprised that Canon Peter Hall (Mailbox, June 8) did not reflect in his letter that the so-called rebels such as Ian Smith and Wing Commander Simmonds of the Rhodesian Front party fought for Britain during the war.
A definitive gentleman of the old school, Brian Ewart Marsh was bom in South Africa in 1928, and moved to Rhodesia as a child and became a Rhodesian citizen.
We recently received the following query on Facebook page--"Why was the waterbuck chosen as the [National Parks] insignia dating back from the era of the old Rhodesian Department of National Parks and Wildlife Managements as their official logo, and, which has subsequently been carried forward to the Zimbabwe era?
Riley Fox was playing in his neighbour's garden when he had his face ripped open by the animal, believed to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback-pitbull cross.
What is the distinguishing feature of the Rhodesian hunting dog?
When the Rhodesian state tried to exercise authority over the valley in the 1950s, local people resisted its agricultural regulations and tea outgrowing scheme because they threatened the frontier way of life, and not, as Schmidt points out, as part of a broader nationalist agenda.
The railway began operation as part of Rhodesian Railways.

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