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, formerly Rhodesia,
officially Republic of Zimbabwe, republic (2005 est. pop. 12,747,000), 150,803 sq mi (390,580 sq km), S central Africa. It is bordered on the north by Zambia, on the northeast and east by Mozambique, on the south by South Africa, and on
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Although sanctions failed to bring white Rhodesia down, they did change the structure of the economy and patterns of trade.
The voters responded with a massive 'yes' vote and the Republic of Rhodesia was unilaterally declared on 1 March 1970.
In 1971 Britain's new prime minister, Edward Heath, sent Sir Alec Douglas Home, then foreign secretary, to Rhodesia to negotiate the UK out of the onerous Rhodesia problem.
Co-operation between Frelimo and Zanu greatly facilitated the task of Zanu's Zanla forces in gaining access to the eastern and northern parts of Rhodesia.
The emergence of Mozambique as an independent state in June 1975 proved to be the nemesis of white minority rule in Rhodesia.
The South African government was expected to use its leverage on Rhodesia to push Smith in the desired direction.
At the height of British imperialism towards the end of the 19th century white people of British extraction came to settle permanently in what became Southern Rhodesia.