Ross's Gull

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Ross’s Gull


(Rhodostethia rosea), also rosy gull, a bird of the family Laridae. The body length is approximately 35 cm. The upper part of the wings and the back are blue-gray, and the head, chest, and abdomen are pink. There is a narrow black collar on the neck. The bill is black, and the legs red.

Ross’s gull is found in northeastern Siberia (from the lana River to the western edge of the Chukchi Peninsula) and in western Greenland. In the winter the bird migrates to the open waters of the Arctic Ocean, sometimes reaching the North Atlantic and the Bering Sea. It nests along lakeshores in the tundra and forest tundra. A clutch contains three or, less often, two eggs, which are incubated approximately three weeks. Ross’s gull feeds on insects, small mollusks, and—during migration—fish and crustaceans.