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two successive lines of verse, usually rhymed and of the same metre
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in a song or poem, a lyric strophe. In a musical couplet, a self-contained melody covers the lines of one strophe of a poem. With repetition through subsequent lines of the text, the melody may remain unchanged or may be slightly varied. In polyphonic songs based on couplets, the secondary voices may be subject to variations in subsequent verses; in songs with accompaniment, the accompaniment may change. Couplets are frequently begun with a lead-in antiphonal and rounded off by a refrain.

The Russian plural form of “couplet,” kuplety, is the name for a ballad of a jovial, humorous, or satirical type with a recurring refrain. It is found in vaudeville and musical comedy and in the 20th century became a genre of variety-stage song. Outstanding Soviet kuplety performers include V. Ia. Khenkin, B. S. Borisov, and L. O. Utesov.

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Written in rhyming couplets, the text is brief but fun, and the illustrations accurately capture the fluidity of cats' movements.
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Sadly, there's nothing that emulates such success on The Waterboys' new album, much of which combines lumpen rock and roll with cringeworthy rhyming couplets. Love Will Shoot You Down may be the cheesiest song Scott has ever written, and It's Gonna Rain is simply embarrassing.
They comment on the works of the aforementioned along with Duck, Leapor, Goldsmith, Cowper and others, analyze forms and genres such as rhyming couplets and blank verse, the epic and the mock-heroic, the verse satire, the ode, the georgic and the verse epistle, and describe themes such as femininity, Whig and Tory poetics, the classics, the past, imagination, the sublime, the city, and the sense of place.
From free verse to rhyming couplets, poems range in subject matter from the dance of the seasons to recovering from an epileptic seizure to the mystery of what lies beyond death, yet each one takes up no more than one or two pages.
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Come Flipote | My goat's been well and truly got'), his punchy--and occasionally very earthy--octosyllabic rhyming couplets are used for splendid comic effect.