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At the time, Rose was in a relationship with Rhys' mother and he would spend time at their home in Bexley, south east London.
Amanda, who is a hardworking homemaker and carer for Rhys, said: "His left foot doesn't go flat down.
Llewellyn boxes for a pounds 32,000 jackpot in the light-heavyweight tournament, at Olympia in London, and the 27-year-old southpaw was filmed watching twin Rhys extend his unbeaten record.
Rhys Davies' collection and delivery system has helped Ingram Brothers, manufacturer of ingredients for the baking industry, to service customers efficiently without the inclusion of a third-party.
But Rhys, aged 11, was shot in the neck when he wandered into the line of fire as he made his way home from football training.
Rhys, 11, was shot outside the Fir Tree pub in Croxteth, Liverpool, last August 22.
Wearing sunglasses to hide his bleary eyes, Rhys was comforted by a male friend who gave him a big hug.
During one drinking session, the Welsh actor tearfully told friends he believed she was back with her ex Matthew Rhys, who she ditched for Ifans last September.
Rhys, of Newbridge, south Wales, was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease called Nemo when aged three.
Rhys Meyers, 30, had been charged with public order offences and abusive behaviour at the airport when he was due to board a flight to London on November 18.
Rhys, a besotted Everton fan, was walking home from football training when the killer - thought to be aiming at a rival gang member - opened fire.