Ribbon Bookmark

Bookmark, Ribbon


(Russian liasse), a ribbon (usually braided silk) glued at one end to the top part of the inner (un-backed) book spine; the free end is inserted between the book pages. The bookmark is usually 3 cm longer than the diagonal of the page. It is used in reading to make a desired page easy to find.

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Harking back to the creative brand's literary roots, the new collection pays homage to Carroll's masterpiece through an imaginative redesign of the original black rectangle with rounded corners, elastic closure and ribbon bookmark.
A deluxe, hardcover, coffee-table volume with an inset ribbon bookmark, Minecraft Blockopedia is in the shape of a hexagon; an accompanying black box protects it from dust and allows it to be placed on a bookshelf when not in use.
The book is printed on thick glossy paper and includes a spinal ribbon bookmark.
The binding is designed to lay flat with ease, and a ribbon bookmark keeps track of the user's place with ease.
Most appealing of all is the novel's ribbon bookmark.
The beautiful bound volume has a rust-colored, iron-like cover a tiny red ribbon bookmark, and countless shaded pages of beautiful illustrations, diagrams and details.
Complete with handy green ribbon bookmark, it will put the reader in a festive frame of mind.
A tasteful blue ribbon bookmark at 99p is the only "souvenir" she's had made.
An inset ribbon bookmark enhances this splendid celebration of the beauty in both nature and the human body.
The Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine feature classic design details including familiar round corners, a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and the "In case of loss, please return to.
Quality hardcover binding and an inset ribbon bookmark contribute to the practicality and durability of this edition, which is mean to be read, reread, and contemplated at length.
and international sales data, the Nursing2012 Drug Handbook features a pink ribbon bookmark to note its support of breast cancer research.