Ribeiro, Aquilino

Ribeiro, Aquilino


Born Sept. 13, 1885, in Carregal; died May 27, 1963, in Lisbon. Portuguese writer.

Ribeiro studied at the Sorbonne from 1910 to 1914. As a young man he took part in the republican movement. In 1927 and 1928 he fought against the fascist dictatorship in Portugal.

Ribeiro’s travel journal Bloodstained Germany (1935) is antifascist. Writing in the realistic tradition, he depicted various strata of Portuguese society in the short-story collections Garden of Storms (1913) and The Road to Santiago and in the novels The Winding Road (1918), Fauns Roam the Woods (1926), The Endless Battle (1932), Tungsten (1943), A Light in the Distance (1948), and When the Wolves Howl (1958; Russian translation, 1963). These works decry social injustice and denounce clericalism. Ribeiro also wrote works on Portuguese cultural history.


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