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Bright, Richard,

1789–1858, English physician. In London he was the leading consultant of his time, and he contributed many important clinical observations. He was the author of the significant Reports of Medical Cases (Vol. I, 1827). This contained his description of certain forms of nephritisnephritis
, inflammation of the kidney. The earliest finding is within the renal capillaries (glomeruli); interstitial edema is typically followed by interstitial infiltration of lymphocytes, plasma cells, eosinophils, and a small number of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
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, or kidney disease, known generally as Bright's disease, and of dropsy resulting from kidney disease, as distinct from cardiac dropsy. Bright was a physician at Guy's Hospital.
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As the reader will know, our knowledge of medical renal disease dates back to the seminal contributions of Dr Richard Bright and I thought those interested in history might enjoy a few brief remarks about someone who was truly not only a great physician but also, from all we can glean these many years later, a wonderful person.
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Richard Bright, in 1836, commented on the characteristic pallor of patients with nephritis (Bright, 1836), and this symptom has become a hallmark of chronic renal failure.
Richard Bright, 32, of Hilton Road, Featherstone, near Can nock, admitted the charge and was sent to prison for four years.
Richard Bright, a 19th century English physician, described a symptom complex characterized by malignant essential hypertension (extremely high blood pressure) and irreversible renal failure.
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