Richard Jefferies

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Jefferies, Richard

(jĕf`rēz), 1848–87, English author. A naturalist, he wrote several books about the English countryside. He first achieved recognition with the sketches The Gamekeeper at Home (1878). His novels include Wood Magic (1881) and Bevis (1882).


See his autobiography, Story of My Heart (1883).

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The sound of a lady's voice recalled him from sincerity, and he said: "Curious it should all come about from reading something of Richard Jefferies.
They also reminded me of the fantastic story collection, Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell, a woman very much tied to a region in her writing, and then Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford and of course that led me to Richard Jefferies and then Llewelyn Powys' essays Wessex Memories (for truly beautiful descriptive writing, marvel at Powys' depiction of a moonlit walk home, carrying freshly caught mackerel from the Dorset coast); after that I thought I better stop the train because there go the summer holidays again, planning how to incorporate these writers into next year's forecasts; (last summer was used up agonising over how to bring John Clare and his nature poetry to the classroom; never have I been so glad that Edward Thomas wrote his poem 'Swedes, it was a fantastic shoo-in.
Scholars of British literature will find great value in Radford's examination of the import of Wessex in novels published between 1870-1940 by Thomas Hardy, Richard Jefferies, John Cowper Powys, and Mary Butts.
Nature near London (1883) by Richard Jefferies (HarperCollins, 20 [pounds sterling]) Many of the sites Jeffries surveyed remain untouched and, yes, the wood ants are still nesting out on Oxshott Common
Liam and Jon He is described by teammate Richard Jefferies as an "absolute animal" on the water.
DO NOT bet against Ed McKeever clinching gold for Great Britain in the kayak sprint, his team-mate Richard Jefferies warned yesterday.
Meanwhile, Richard Jefferies finished sixth in his semi-final and will not contest a medal.
Also through to their finals are Jess Walker in the women's K1 200m and Liam Heath and Jon Schofield in the K2, but Richard Jefferies missed out in the 200m single canoe.
Team-mate Richard Jefferies also races in the men's canoe single (C1) 1000m.
Bwht Cch 1CS Richard Jefferies goes in the men's C1 1000m while Jessica Walker, Rachel Cawthorn, Angela Hannah and Louisa Sawers are in the women's K4 500m.
OUR CANOE TEAM CANOE SLALOM Men: K1: Richard Hounslow C1: David Florence C2: David Florence & Richard Houn 0slow, Tim Baillie & Etienne Stott Women: K1: Lizzie Neave CANOE SPRINT Men: K1 200m: Edward McKeever K2 200m: Liam Heath Jonathan Schofield K1 1000: Tim Brabants C1 200m Richard Jefferies C1 1000m: Richard Jefferies Women: K1 200m: Jessica Walker K1 500m: Rachel Cawthorn K2 500m: Abigail Edmonds K4 500m: Jessica Walker Rachel Cawthorn Angela Hannah Louisa Sawers QUOTE ME ON THIS.
Hartlepool Stranton overcame Washington Town 6-3, Matty Gardner, Richard Jefferies, Keith Everett, Paul Craigs and a Steven Chapman brace earning the points.