Richard Mollier

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Mollier, Richard


Born Nov. 30, 1863, in Trieste; died Mar. 13, 1935, in Dresden. German heat engineer. Professor at the Technische Hochschule in Dresden from 1897 to 1933.

Mollier studied the properties of steam. He compiled a table showing the thermodynamic properties of steam and an enthalpy-entropy diagram (Mollier diagram). His book New Tables and Diagrams for Steam was published in Berlin in 1906.

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The credit for this accomplishment is usually given to Richard Mollier in 1923.
Richard Mollier (Figure 3), the eldest child of a machine and ship-building company director, was born in Trieste (Italy), then a city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
In 1923 at the Congress of Thermodynamics held in Los Angeles, a resolution was passed to name all diagrams that present heat capacity on a coordinate after Richard Molliers. It is not known whether Carrier's psychrometric diagram was among various diagrams presented, or whether Mollier had constructed his humid air diagram among numerous diagrams published then.