Riel's rebellions

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Riel's rebellions:

see Riel, LouisRiel, Louis
, 1844–85, Canadian insurgent, leader of two rebellions, b. Manitoba, of French and Métis parentage. In 1869–70 he led the rebels of the Red River settlements, mainly Métis (people of mixed European–indigenous descent) and indigenous
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Soon after this the Riel rebellion broke out and the prisoner was released on parole to shoulder a rifle and serve through the campaign.
With many significant historical gravesites from the War 1812 to 1815, US Civil War, and the Riel Rebellion, to mention only a few, The Elgin Military Museum, honouring Victoria Cross recipient, Ellis Sifton, and displaying over two hundred years of uniforms and weapons, statue to Jumbo, PT Barnum's huge elephant killed by a locomotive.
The enactment of the Indian Act, as well as a backlash against Metis people after the 1885 Riel Rebellion, caused many people to make difficult choices that ranged from "passing" as European, to embracing hybrid identities, to internalizing colonization, to silence or reclamation and pride.
He served in the Alberta Field Force during the Riel Rebellion and in Lord Strathcona's Horse during the Second Boer War.
and Alberta), running a successful lumber business in Winnipeg, serving as a Major in command of the Winnipeg Field Battery in the Riel Rebellion of 1885, designing three bridges in Winnipeg (including the Broadway Bridge which opened in 1882 as the first bridge to cross the Red River), being the first registrar at the University of Manitoba, a founding member of the Manitoba Historical Society, alderman in the early years of Winnipeg, and superintendent with the Northwest Mounted Police (forerunner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the position he held at the time of his death in 1894 at age 48.
Following the 1885 Riel Rebellion, Canada instituted several measures to control and punish 14 First Nations labelled as "rebel bands".
His dad, a captain in the Canadian militia, had scouted the West during the Riel Rebellion and decided to stay.
While he has not focused on the state-to-state relations, Rees has provided a very insightful background to the forces and decisions that brought about the survey--the Hudson's Bay Company's disengagement from control of Rupert's Land, the forceful expansion of the Dominion of Canada into the west, the Riel Rebellion and the Fenian threats, the British and American desire to normalize relations after the crisis of the Civil War and the "Alabama" issue, the building of the Northern Pacific and Canadian Pacific railroads, and the anxiety about Sioux unrest along the undefined border.
(Seven years later, Mistawasis--a staunch Presbyterian--and his band would come to the aid of Nisbet's mission to protect them during the second Riel Rebellion.) Mistawasis died in 1903 but the small, white Mistawasis Memorial Church remains, ministering to its members from its position on the highest hill of the reserve.
They feared the people would join the Louis Riel rebellion that was going on nearby at the time.
Murray Nicolson chronicles the rival development of Protestantism and Catholicism in the West, the Riel rebellion of the 1880s, the struggle of Manitoba Catholic settlers for their own schools, and the arrival of Byzantine Catholics.
This is why the great Cree chief, Poundmaker, spoke for so many at his trial after the Riel Rebellion in 1885, when he declared, "The law is a hard, queer thing.